The Shirt Bus is your online ride to great graphic t shirts.

Ever since I can remember I have had a love of T-Shirts. Silk screening in grade 9 graphic arts, making designs for friends and even selling shirts on Parliament Hill on Canada Day while dodging the by-law cops, shirts and design have always been a passion. I have tried to sell t shirts on other sites that I run, but frankly it’s like selling cats at the dog shop. No one is going to the dog shop to buy a cat. They might be at the dog shop and say, hmm nice cat, too bad they’re trying to sell it at the dog shop, but they aren’t likely going to buy that damned cat!

In an attempt to focus on t-shirts and beat Google at it’s own game (or at least register as a blip) I have launched this t shirt specific site. The Shirt Bus is what it is because it is bloody hard to come up with a URL that isn’t already taken and has the word shirt in it. If you rode the short bus as a kid, I mean no offence.

I have moved many of the designs I have on other sites to this one t shirt site. If you ended up here from or, welcome to the mothership… or the other way around. The other nice thing about an online t shirt store is that I can broaden the offering. Up until now most of my t shirts were Canada or VegHead themed. This new site will allow for a much more diverse graphical theme. If some crazy idea pops into my head I will make a shirt out of it no matter what the subject.

So thanks for riding The Shirt Bus. Hope you find something you like… and watch your step.